Interactivos? Projects


Below are the projects developed in the Belo Horizonte edition of Interactivos?.

I embedded photos I took and also included a few taken by Marginalia Lab (more can be found here). Complete documentation of the projects can be found on the Marginalia Wiki or on the websites of individual artists.

3rd Person Me (Victor Dias, Fernando Mendes)

…is an apparatus that, through a live video feed, relocates the point of view of the wearer to the third person. The video feed also runs though a netbook, which allows for the processing of various effects.

3rd person me
Interactivos '10 BH

Analogous Chat Machine (Francisco J. Pinzón L.)

…is an analog machine that allows two users to chat using two typewriters placed at a fixed distance. The keys are triggered by an intricate system of ropes and pulleys.
Interactivos '10 BH
guglielmo e gaston working on analogous chat
Interactivos? '10 BH

Object Oriented Therapy Center (Geraldine Juárez, Magnus Eriksson)

…is a therapy center for maladjusted and/or discarded objects. Instead of simply fixing objects, the goal is to develop a course of treatment for a given object, to discover the extent of the object’s potential. During Interactivos?, a rotary phone and a pay phone handle were given a new chance at life.
magnus of object oriented therapy center
geraldine, telefone, rodinhas
lisa modificando orelhão quebrada

Open Energy Supply (Fran Gallardo)

…consists of prototypes of various types of homemade electrical generators that use wind, water, and solar power.

open energy supply

Simples Coisas Sonoras (Filipe Calegario)

…are simple musical controllers built from everyday objects, including a broom, aluminum foil, clothespins and a clothesline. The musical scales they trigger are programmed and synthesized using Arduino.

soldei isso :)
sequenciador no varal- simples coisas sonoras
filipe e daniel testando vassura com tilt switch caseira

SPAM– Sistema Publico de Auto Marcación (NerdBots: Camilo Martinez, Gabriel Zea)

…is a system of disseminating unsolicited messages inspired by unwanted advertising (spam). The project attempts to rethink the fixed telephone network, which is falling out of use due to the proliferation of the internet and mobile technology, and turn it into a broader communication system. SPAM, unlike conventional unwanted messaging, also allows for bidirectional communication, in this case, the input is personal stories from the residents of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Interactivos '10 BH

Transmissão de Som por Ruído Eletromagnético (Brayhan Hawryliszyn, Calebe Giaculi, Christiano Candian, Claudio Cunha, Luis Castilho, Marcos Saturnino, Pedro Retes, Rodrigo Borges)

…expores the possibilities of cathode ray monitors, considered obsolete due to the rise of the LCD. The electromagnetic waves surrounding the machines, though inherent in their function, are generally thought of as incidental. In this case, the monitors are programmed to function like radio transmitters, playing music through four monitor/transmitters.
Interactivos '10 BH
Transmissão de Som por Ruído Eletromagnético

Um Jardin para Epicuro (Cinthia Mendonça)

…is a garden integrated with various electronics– sensors, piezos, wires, cameras. Electric shocks lie in wait. Microphones underneath the ground pick up small sounds and the faint rumble of passerby. An abstract visualization based on sensor data such as the temperature and humidity of the garden is projected on a wall on the opposite end of the gallery.
cibele e um sombre
cinthia mendonça (Um jardim para Epicuro)
trabalho no processing por thiago hersan

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  3. what a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat post lisa! congratulations! i guess now that you’re in japan you’ve been following more schedules! hahaha


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