sudamerica experimental: talleres/oficinas/workshops

SudEx Diário #3 by Carou about the series of workshops taught during Sudamerica Experimental:

Taller de Delay DIY con Panetone:

Building delay circuits:

Taller de Cyborgs con Vanessa Michelis y Chimbalab:

Claudia and Cony (of Chimbalab) and Vanessa taught a workshop on cyborgs that explored technological extensions of the body.

Taller sobre uso practico de Puredata, Arduino y Hardware con Panetone y Vanessa Michelis:

Vanessa and Panetone taught a workshop on how to use an Arduino to connect a digital system (for example, samples triggered in Pure Data) with an analog system (for example, homemade sequencers and oscillators).

Taller de Video Experimental con Lisa Kori y Carou Aroújo:


Carou Araújo and I gave a workshop about experimental video techniques (mentioned earlier here). The first day began with a discussion about the history of experimentation in video, and continued to more contemporary examples of video art. We then went into the city to collect footage on a variety of cameras. The second day, we taught how to edit in Final Cut using a combination of footage we took the first day, and video clips brought by the participants.

Untitled by Romina Tironi:

I had an interesting conversation with Juan Torneros about ways of editing video that relate to audio. In a way analogous to the phase music of Steve Reich, we experimented with playing looped video clips in two video tracks at two different speeds, and using Final Cut’s composite mode to highlight the differences.

The result looks like this:

(more about SudEx workshops on the blog of Azucrina Records)

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