Mariscos in Santiago

I hate to not post anything for months and then post everything all in one day, but today I have a little bit of time, I am borrowing a normal-sized computer that actually has a decently lit screen, AND the internet is reliable. So rare this combination!


I traveled to Chile to participate in a festival organized by friends from Brazil and new friends from Santiago. A lot of the time, we went shopping for fresh food in the markets on the streets, and cooked in friend’s houses.


One day, our Chilean friends cooked us Chilean-style mariscos, or seafood. It was a shellfish soup in a white wine broth with vegetables and one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted!


Here is a plaza in the city, as seen through a fisheye lens:

Another thing that was interesting was that some of the buildings seemed really closed off from the street, but once you go inside they are very open, and have a courtyard area in the middle.

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