Interactivos ’10: High End Low Tech


Near the end of November, I had the opportunity to participate as a collaborator in Marginalia Interactivos? 2010, a two-week artistic residency in Marginalia Lab that culminated in a group show in Cento e Quatro in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The Interactivos? platform is a great concept– below is a description (quoted with minor changes from the Marginalia Interactivos? website):

Conceived by Medialab-Prado, in Madrid, Spain, Interactivos? took place for the first time in 2006. The idea arose from the initiative to offer a workshop long enough to develop projects that could be finished and presented at the end of the event. It also proposed a new interactive model of a workshop, as opposed to the typical dynamic of the teacher-student relation, and is influenced by the idea of Do It Yourself and Do It With Others.

Therefore, the name Interactivos?, refers to a questioning of the idea of interactivity, generally understood as an “election within a few given options”. The word interactivity is expressed with much more strength through the collective creation with open tools, in an environment in which participants can both learn and teach how technology works, and where they have the opportunity to build their projects with the help of others.

The event thus comprises a hybrid program that includes: a seminar for the discussion of the proposed theme; a collaborative workshop for the production of the selected proposals; and an exhibition that presents the achieved results to the public. Interactivos? has already be held on 10 occasions, including in Madrid, New York, Mexico City and Lima. The model developed by Medialab-Prado was awarded an Honorable Mention at Prix Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.


This edition’s theme was High End Low Tech, and the invited tutors were Fernando Rabelo (Brazil), Kiko Mayorga (Peru) and Arturo Castro (Spain). In the workshop, the tutors, artists and collaborators developed eight surprisingly conceptually and technically sophisticated projects (especially given the short timespan), that were based on using technologies considered low and/or outdated.

(More on individual projects in the next Interactivos? post.)

2 thoughts on “Interactivos ’10: High End Low Tech

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