the medium and the mayhem @ oberlin college

I recently checked on my blog and was astonished to find that, despite months of inactivity (eons in internet years), there are so many of you reading! A little update– I will be presenting The Medium and the Mayhem in my old department, the TIMARA department at Oberlin College in Ohio (TIMARA = technology in music and related arts). So if I shared your story on this blog, I may be sharing it again for a new audience!


Please join us for the special guest event…

Lisa Chung (’10) : The Medium and the Mayhem: a year of traveling through electronic art

Wednesday May 9 @ 12:00 in TIMARA Studio 2 

After graduating from Oberlin with an independent major in “Studies in New Media” Lisa Chung won a Watson Fellowship and spent last year traveling the world in order to engage with local electronic arts communities. She returns to campus to talk about her Watson experience and subsequent work. This event is highly recommended to those interested in interdisciplinary composition and artist communities, as well as students interested in applying for a Watson Fellowship.
In Lisa’s words:
I noticed that the field of electronic art is particularly well-networked. This is not by chance, but because the people in it tend to be interested in the community itself and the spread of artistic, technological and social ideas. I decided to travel this network for a year, collaborating and participating in the events I found along the way, from the mouth of the Amazon to the slopes of the Himalayas. Despite the wide array of people and projects, and the wide array of media (video art, experimental noise, programming, circuit bending, bio art), I was surprised to find a number of repeating themes, such as: artisanal circuit design, recycling and repurposing of objects, an emphasis on knowledge sharing practices (e.g. open source software, community workshops) and interesting interactions and interventions with urban space.

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